It’s been a hot couple of weeks with temperatures soaring here in Cornwall.

We were worried about Horace (he’s our resident hedgehog), but after lots of rustling noises the guests found his preferred place is in the wood shed. We hadn’t seen him for some time so this is good news. I’ve put the obligatory saucer of water out for him should he need a drink or two!

We’ve been making lots of food. Last week we had a lovely lady celebrating her 70th birthday here, complete with a vegan cake delivered from Little Green Bakery in St Agnes.

This week a couple on honeymoon are staying with us enjoying the sunshine.

Dessert Mango and Straberry Cheescake, courtesy of Pura Pressed http://www.facebook.com/purapressed



The garden…


This time last year the garden was a building site and we thought it would never recover.

The raised beds were built from stone that was originally part of the kitchen wall.

Spring came, we crossed our fingers and planted herbs. Some of the original plants made a comeback  and our little studio is now sitting pretty.

Nature is a wonderful thing!

Summer under our belts…

and all seems to have gone well! We had the odd hiccup, like forgetting to put a handle on the inside of the front door so once you were in you couldn’t get out…apologies to our first guest! There have been wifi problems, but then this is Cornwall and touch wood it’s all working beautifully st the moment.

On the culinary side of things we are experimenting with new dishes and have found a lovely cheesecake recipe which went down very well with our guests last week.

I’m amazed at the variety of guests we’ve had. Vegans veggies meat eaters pescetarians. All say they’ve enjoyed the breakfast goodies, and we’ve had lovely feedback from the evening meals.

Alice our cat is enjoying all the new faces staying with us.

We are winding down now, but will stay open all through the year…..

Why planted?

It’s been a few years since we opened our vegetarian b&b in St Agnes, The Yellow House. A lot of changes have happened since then the main one being we’d moved house. The new place, still in the village, made it impossible to carry on with our little business. We have also gone from being veggies to vegans. When the youngest left home we found ourselves with a spare room, and a new opportunity.

It’s taken a lot of hard work, but we’re nearly there. We’ve decided to call it Planted. The main reason behind this was because of a lovely friend (Kim), who happens to be vegan. Each time we spoke to her about veganism, it seemed to make more sense to us, the seed was “planted”, although this process took several years to come to fruition. We became vegan in October 2015. We found it easier than we’d thought it would be. It doesn’t stop us from eating great food, and as a bonus, we feel healthier too.

Holidays are a whole new ball game now. Where do you eat? Where can you stay? Wouldn’t it be great if there was somewhere with a your own little kitchen. If  you could come back after a long day out, and have a delicious vegan meal cooked for you…… So another seed was planted, and here we are. We’re all set to open our doors on July 1st.

Photos of the space will be up…. As soon as the builders are gone!